6 tricks all stores play on you

Adith Raghav
2 min readAug 2, 2020

Why are supermarkets so much like a maze? Why do they always play slow music in the supermarket? Why do all products in the store end with “.99”? Here are the answers to these questions and other tricks stores try to play on you.

Why do all products in stores end with “.99” or “.9”?

That’s because this is where the “left digit effect” comes into play. Even though there is a $ 5.0 price tag on the mayonnaise next to you, you will inevitably buy the $ 4.99 mayonnaise, even though it isn’t any different. This is called the “left digit effect”. What is this? Well, you perceive the $4.99 mayonnaise a dollar cheaper than the $5.0 bottle.

Why do they always play slow music in the supermarket?

That’s because if the music is slower than your heartbeat, you’ll find yourself lingering in the store way longer than you had to. You might think, “Well, that’s crazy!”, but it works! Statistically, you not only spend more time there but also 29% more money!

Marketers know about this human quirk that always draws them towards a section labeled “Sale!”. But there is no guarantee that you’ll find any discount there. If you do, don’t be surprised! They’d have either increased the prices just before the sale or, they might be genuine.

Didn’t you notice they always give you some candy to try out in the grocery store? Or what’s the first thing you see when you enter the store? That’s right, candies and discounts! Discounts are ok, but why candies? Statistically, we earthlings buy more right after we munch on a nice candy!

Why are there so many trolleys right in front of the shop? They are, for your convenience, and also, the bigger the carts, the more you buy! According to marketing experts, people can’t stand empty baskets. That’s why, when some stores made their trolleys twice as big, people began to buy 19% more!

Buy One, Get One Free. What’s wrong with it? Well, if you see a sign showing buy a bottle of apple juice, and get another free, then you must’ve noticed that the first bottle’s price has gone up a little bit, probably 3 more bucks? (Apple juice costs around 3 U.S Dollars)

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