A Basic Neural Net w/ Python in 16 Lines of Code

What is a neural network?

A neuron

A neuron is the structural and functional unit of a neural network. All neural networks, whether inside the brain or out in the computer, is made of neurons. A neuron can have any number of inputs: In our brain, a neuron gets the input from other neurons through nerve-like thin tubes called dendrites.

Let’s get started

First, we need to import the random module. As this is a Python standard module, there is no need to install it. This will be the only module we will import here.

from random import seed, random
def initialize_network(n_input, n_hidden, n_output):
network = []
hidden_layer = [{'weights': [random() for i in range(n_inputs+ 1)]} for i in range(n_hidden)]
output_layer = [{'weights': [random() for i in range(n_hidden + 1)]} for i in range(n_outputs)]
network = initialize_network(10, 5, 10)
for layer in network:



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Adith Raghav

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