FreeKode: what it is and what it does

Are you a developer? Well then, you must’ve known the frustration when you get some code from GitHub and it just doesn’t work? It might be outdated, it might be shabby, it might not be well-maintained, might be Python 1.6, might be JavaScript ES4, might be HTML 2, or… you get the idea.

You don’t get those kinds of problems here: its seriously underpriced premium code! And I mean seriously underpriced: there ain’t anything here that ain’t $0! $0.00!

And what I mean by premium is that everything here is maintained. With the specifications. As long as the project isn’t using some software that is outdated, it’ll stay. But not after that.

Here’s the link:!

They add quite a lot of posts every day, so I guess you wouldn’t have to wait too long to get any kind of code you’d want.

Animations? CSS Loaders? Artificial Intelligence? Cool Buttons? Navigation Bars? Python? JavaScript? We’ve got you covered.



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Adith Raghav

I am an 11 year old boy and the founder of — teaching kids about HTML and CSS. I also have a website called