Get a CSS hourglass loader with the click of a button.

Adith Raghav
2 min readNov 25, 2020

Create a CSS magnifying glass loader with a ease-in-out, and an infinite animation with HTML and CSS at the click of a button! No, it is not blockly, I promise.

No, it is with an index.html , and a style.css . And it turns out it looks really good!

The code is at this link where you can download it either from the terminal or via a ZIP file: And it is hosted at this link:

There is this website called Freekode. There, you can upload and download working and premium code On-Demand with the click of a button!

What’s the difference between GitHub and this? Well, in GitHub, you don’t actually know what code works and what doesn’t. You don’t know if it is HTML 2 or HTML 5. You don’t know whether if it is JavaScript ES4 or ES7. Unless you download it, that is. And what a waste of time.

OK. So what’s the difference between FreeKode and the Envato Code Marketplace or something like that? Well, it comes to the same thing. Not knowing what to download and what not to. And that generally, code marketplaces don’t house open-source code. We need to pay for them.




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