Laughing Button — HTML, and CSS!

Have you just posted a hilarious blog on your blogging website? Do you want to see how many laughed at your post? You don’t want to spend a day writing the code for this? Don’t want to break into a sweat? Well, add this button, and your bewildered readers will be even more bewildered at the sight of this button! And it laughs! It really does!

You don’t have to write all the code, or even get it from GitHub! (Downloading code from GitHub is a pain. First, you need to find out which repo it is that you want to download code from, then you need to download it, and then you need to test it out!)

Well, with this website, the number of steps you need to follow to get some good code is reduced to 1 from 3! All you need to do is just, well, download it! That’s all!

OK. So what you need to do first is go to this fantastic website: There, you can search for ‘Laughing Button’ in the search box, or you can directly click on this link:

It is made entirely of HTML and CSS!



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Adith Raghav

I am an 11 year old boy and the founder of — teaching kids about HTML and CSS. I also have a website called