Tic-tac-toe with JavaScript at the click of a button!

Games are always fun to play. Fun to make, too. But more fun to play, I guess. You don’t want to code, and you are in the mood to play games. So play this one! It is tic-tac-toe with JavaScript that you don’t need to code!

You can get the code here: https://freekode.centeltech.com/post/105/. Or if you just want to play it, click here: https://centeltech.com/hostedFreeKode/games/tic-tac-toe/index.html

You can get so many different types of code at FreeKode. And everyone keeps adding new posts every hour! So don’t code every game you want to play because you want to play it: get it from FreeKode. But if it is coding that you want to do and playing your game is not your greatest desire, you’re very free to do your own stuff.